Open Water Diver

This is the basic diving course that includes 12 scuba dives to some of the best dive sites in Tel Aviv. The course takes 5 days and starts with 6 confined water dives. There you’ll learn the skills that will prepare you for your diving adventures to come. The course will continue with 6 open water dives, including 2 boat dives. The Open Water Diver course is in conjunction with 6 academic lessons in air conditioned classrooms equipped with modern audio visual aids. After completing the course requirements you will receive an international certification that is valid for life. The certification is up to a maximum depth of 60 ft. (18 meters).
Prerequisites: 12 years of age or older, in reasonable physical and mental health (click to down load a medical release form) and possess basic swimming skills.
– If you mark yes on any of the items on the medical release form this does not disqualify you from becoming a diver but we must request that you consult with a physician prior to participating in scuba diving.

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