Rescue Diver

This is one of the most important specialties that a diver can take. The main purpose of this course is to make you feel more comfortable underwater and increase your confidence.  The basic diving courses teach a diver the basic skills to enjoy a dive as long as everything is going well. What happens if something goes wrong during the dive? The Sea Tel Aviv Rescue two day specialty course is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge to successfully perform self rescue, buddy rescue, assist in case of emergency situations during a dive and most importantly learn how to avoid such situations and reduce stress factors. During the course, students will acquire the tools to identify and resolve stress in different situations. You will learn how to avoid, recognize, and resolve problems on the surface and under water.

SSI Stress and Rescue- 12 years of age or older, be an Open Water Diver or have an equivalent certification from a known organization.
PADI Rescue Diver- 15 years or older, Advanced Adventure Diver or an
equivalent certification from a known organization, be trained for first
aid and CPR within the previous two years. Check out our first aid and CPR

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