My name is Greg Lipsky and I have been living in Israel for the past 26 years.

Since I can remember, I was always fascinated with the underwater world. My passion for the sea has drawn me to scuba diving, sailing and anything related to the water. I was really excited when I took my instructor course over 12 years ago after finishing my 3 year service in the IDF. I have certified thousands of students at all levels and have led countless numbers of guided dives and safaris to numerous places in the world including Egypt, Mexico and Central America, the islands of Greece, the Bahamas, Maldives Micronesia and more. While advancing in my dive credentials, I have graduated with a M.Sc in marine biology from the Tel Aviv University.
Technical diving is another passion of mine. I am a tri- mix diver with hundreds of technical dives and a certified technical instructor. A few years back I couldn’t resist the temptation and got certified as a full cave technical diver in the caves of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.

Besides diving, I enjoy mounting biking, snowboarding, traveling the world, sailing (I am certified as a commercial Skipper) and basically anything that has to do with nature and being outdoors.
The concept of Sea Tel Aviv is to educate, promote and help save and preserve the marine environment through different marine activities. I invite you to come and see Tel Aviv and discover its beauty above and below the water.
I would love to have you join us on any of Sea Tel Aviv’s marine activities and try to pass my passion for the marine environment to you.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.
Greg Lipsky