Scuba Skills Refresh Dive

At Sea Tel Aviv we offer all the attention and patience to those of you who are a bit rusty and want to come back to the diving world or those that feel that they need a bit more practice after their Open Water certification.

The purpose of this program is to brush away the cobwebs and allow you to ask any questions on equipment or diving that you may have. We start with a short academic lesson that will be followed by an open water dive where we will review and go over the basic skills. Your instructor will go step by step and help you practice in a safe way. With the refresh dive, you will gain back your confidence and become a more experienced diver that is more comfortable in the underwater environment.

We recommend combining this program with a guided dive. After completing the skills in your refresh dive we will change tanks and swim out and explore the beautiful underwater reef.
– In Israel, by law, any diver who has not dived or cannot present a logged dive within the past 6 months must undergo and successfully pass a refresh dive in order to participate in diving activities.

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