The Maldive Islands

The Maldives are a chain of islands in the Indian Ocean. The islands of the Maldives encompass a territory spread over roughly 90,000 square km, making it one of the most dispersed countries in the world in geographic terms. It features 1,192 islands, of which only two hundred are inhabited. The Maldives’s capital and largest city is Malé.

The warm seas of the Maldives have high visibility throughout the year with water clear enough to see the passing fish as far as fifty meters away. Add to that the amazing formation of coral reefs and the abundant marine life and the result of these perfect conditions have created one of the best diving locations in the world.
Over a thousand species of fish and other underwater creatures inhabit the Maldivian waters. The monsoon tides of the Indian Ocean create a collection of small marine creatures as well as microscopic plant cells. This in turn creates a hub for all kinds of underwater species who gather in these waters due to the abundance of food. In the Maldives you will get to see everything from tiny shrimp and groups of colorful fish to magnificent manta ray’s, sharks and whale sharks. Due to the countless number of reefs all you need to do is travel 15 to 60 minutes by boat to get to a different dive spot every day.
The best thing about the Maldives is that you don’t have to be a professional diver to enjoy the dives. All resorts and safari boats that Sea Tel Aviv are in collaboration with give you basic to advanced training using well monitored diving facilities at the highest standards.

The temperature of the Maldives ranges between 24 °C (75 °F) and 33 °C (91 °F) throughout the year.

On all dives it is important to remember to protect the underwater environment. Keep buoyant, prevent lifting sand, hurting coral or fish and taking out anything from this unique habitat.

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