Cyprus- The Zenobia Shipwreck

The Zenobia is a Swedish ferry that is a 178 meters (584 ft) long and sank close to Larnaca Cyprus in July 1980, taking with her an estimated several hundred million dollars worth of cargo. The cargo included one hundred and four fully loaded trucks with trailers. The cargo from the Zenobia can still be seen scattered around the wreck. Chicken eggs, tables, chairs and even playmobil toys are seen everywhere!

Since sinking, the Zenobia has become a popular dive site for visitors to Cyprus and was named one of the world’s top ten shipwrecks due to its short distance from the shore, incredible abundance in marine life, and its accessible depth for recreational diving.

The site provides a wide range of dives, from a fairly simple dive to 16 meters (52 ft) depth along the side of the ship (suitable for newly qualified divers), up to extremely adventurous dives that are only suitable for very experienced divers.

Sea Tel Aviv offers you a chance to enjoy unbelievable wreck diving with a chance to experience Larnaka and its night life and restaurants.

On all dives it is important to remember to protect the underwater environment. Keep buoyant, prevent lifting sand, hurting coral or fish and taking out anything from this unique habitat.

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