Egypt And The Sinai- The Red Sea

Ever since Jacques Cousteau explored its waters decades ago, the Red Sea has attracted and amazed divers from all over the world. Nowhere else in the world are there coral walls and gardens more abundant, waters more crystalline or underwater life more varied and rich.

Even among the world’s most celebrated reef systems the Sinai stands out for its unusual prosperity of certain kinds of marine life. The sheer abundance of corals, many of exceptional size and color make diving in the Sinai a magical experience. Beyond the corals is a nearly infinite variety of marine species, including such notable creatures as Napoleon fish, brilliant orange coral groupers, enormous gorgonian fans, moray eels and hammerhead sharks, lionfish and giant manta rays.

Along the southern and eastern shores of the Sinai, dive sites are scattered like pearls. From the wall dives and the blue hole north of Dahab to the magnificent corals and marine life of Ras Mohammed.

Come and travel the Sinai with Sea Tel Aviv. We offer dive trips from 3- 7 days.

On all dives it is important to remember to protect the underwater environment. Keep buoyant, prevent lifting sand, hurting coral or fish and taking out anything from this unique habitat.

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