Diving Safaris

There are two things a diver will always remember. His diving course and his first diving safari.
Sea Tel Aviv’s diving safari’s are the ultimate diving experience that combine a fantastic holiday, convenience of great scuba diving and luxurious accommodations all in one. Such trips also allow divers to dive more remote, rich with marine life destinations that are not possible to reach otherwise. Fish and corals in all possible colors, sharks, dolphins, seals, whales, turtles, etc. are only some of the things that can be seen during a diving safari. It is also possible to do different courses and specialties during these trips in a unique atmosphere.
During a diving safari the real vacation starts when the dive ends. As soon as you finish your dive you are offered treats such as movies, bar drinks, snacks, gourmet meals and more to enjoy the time between the dives. The ship’s crew take care of everything and prepare all the diving equipment so all you have to do during your vacation is rest and enjoy superb diving.
Diving safaris are for anyone looking for a fantastic holiday with maximum comfort.
Sea Tel Aviv offers safaris to a range of world leading scuba diving destinations such as the Maldive Islands, Palau, Cocos Islands, Cyprus, Malta, Jordan, The Red Sea and more.

All that is left to do is decide where your dream dive destination is, click here and pack your bags…